What Girls Want

What Girls Want

Girls are very beautiful creation of this world,they are very important for a man.Without them a man may not able to enjoy this life .Girls are very important part of man life .You have many girls in your life,your mother is a girl,your sister is a girl,your daughter is a girl.In each relation of girl there are many beautiful things for us but each relation of girl wants something different from us.

The relation of brother and sister is very important in this relation the girl wants from you not too much but your care and your love for her and she wants you to help her in the time of need and be her shelter during the bad times of life.She may make you fool in fun but in true words the relation of brothers and sisters is very important in life which shows that how love exists in this world.

The relation of mother and child is also very important in this relation your mother want you to be with her in her old age and serve her as she serve you during your childhood and take care of her.You should take care for your mother and you should give her respect in order to gain good life.


the relation of wife is another cool relations she wants too much from you and think that you are only made for her so you should try to make her feel that so that you may able to enjoy the best part of this relation.Wife is the person who always remained with you she cares you and love you too much so you should try to love her respect her and try to enjoy with her as much as you can.She want that you should trust her so trust her in life.