5 Good Reasons to Throw Away Your Razor Blades

Shaving shaving shaving… Day of men starts with shaving. Rise and shine in morning yawning and itching head. But day starts after shave. So I think this is the most important routine task of a man. Shaving is also a time consuming task while you are using a razor blade. Also it can create mess because to shave with a razor blade, shaving cream or shaving foam is also required to make hair soft. So shaving with shaving cream and foam can create chaos and mess. 

Often in friends’ hangouts or family dinner, I have heard discussions regarding using razor blades is right or not or is it beneficial or harmful. Some people are in the favor of using razor blades for shaving but personally I do not agree with them. I think razor blades are little risky as well. Oh I think they are rather very risky. They can create deep wounds and cuts causing loss of blood. This can be dangerous to life and dangerous to your beauty as well. I am sure you would not like to roam about having cuts on your faceJ. Beside this, you will always need water to shave with a razor blade which can be limited in some circumstances. So adopting shaving machine is a better option indeed.

Life is very beautiful,enjoy your life with good items,you should follow the things that are good for you and try to leave the things that may hurts you and that will destroy your health as health is very important in life and without good health you may not enjoy life for longer period of time so should follow the right things in your life if you wants to live long and want to smart and healthy.Should follow these tips if you want to be fresh in all the time of day.

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