Should You Take A Break?

In life we are blessed with many beautiful relations,the relations of love exists too much in all most all kind of relations,we love of parents,our family and our friends.They all are very important for us and without them it is very difficult for us to live in this world.So when we grow up in life we have a girl friend and she is very important for us,we cares for her,we love her and give us complete our time and complete our feelings.But with time the relation of this love start breaking down.We at once stop caring for her and we want to leave her for some time and Should we take a break in relations because we start fighting in every single talk and we stop trusting on each other and we try to fight as much as we can.302797-4471-54

So its time to leave for some moments.We may join and come closer to each other after sometimes in life but the duration of the break should not be very large in a way that both of you forget each other and the happy time both of you spend with other and your laughter in should remained in touch with her so that you may able to not lose her completely.the relation of love is very important in life after breakup you may come to know that so do not fight with her too much.She wants you in your life and she only wants your respect and care and without respect and care no relation of love and care exists.


So try to join your hands with her as soon as possible after the breakup otherwise you may lose her in your life and it will hurt you too much in your life.Life is beautiful do not fight and try to love each other and try to love.